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About Us



The Armstrong Family Foundation (AFF) aims to help make a meaningful impact in the communities where we live and work – in particular British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. The Foundation is proud to have been able to support organizations whose commitment and impact we admire for more than twenty years. We are proactive in researching organizations that are making an impact on health, education, environmental conservation and community enrichment initiatives. The Foundation is not currently accepting donations requests through this site.


The Foundation is based in Canada and is proactive in researching and reaching out to organizations that align with our focus on conservation, education, health, and local community enrichment initiatives.

How does the AFF select its grantees?

Thank you for your interest in the AFF.  As our selection process is currently internally driven, we are not accepting proposals via this site.

Can I submit a funding proposal?

The Foundation was founded back in 2003 and three generations of the Armstrong family are now involved.

When was the AFF founded?

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