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About Us


Land Conservation

We are proud to help conserve biodiversity in our country and are committed to continuing our efforts in this crucial area for years to come.

Conservation Grantees


Join us at "Discovering Wonders: A Science World Event for Kids," where curiosity leads to discovery! This special event invites young minds to explore the marvels of science through hands-on experiments, interactive exhibits, and engaging demonstrations.

"Protecting biodiversity and fighting climate change are the twin crises of our time. The Armstrong Family Foundation’s commitment is helping The Nature Trust tackle both these crises at the same time. We are so appreciative for their generous support to protect, restore and manage B.C’s critical habitat for wildlife, fish and plants for future generations. "

"On behalf of those who can’t speak for themselves, thank you so very much for your generous donation and continued support."

Critter Care

Dr. Jasper Lament – CEO, The Nature Trust of British Columbia.


Since the Foundation's launch in 2003, we have been proud to support the communities where we are fortunate to live and work.

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